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"If I had to recommend anyone to choice would be you, Steve!  You've proved to be honest, level-headed, responsible, hardworking, diligent, meticulous, methodic, organized, caring and patient.  You paid attention to detail...and devoted yourself to doing a GREAT job...!"
-  Di
"Steve finished our basement for us.  He was very easy to work with - professional from start to finish.  Steve gave us a detailed estimate, was open too making changes at our request, and completed the project on schedule.  Our basement was unfinished with a load-bearing post in the middle of it.  Steve was able to make the structural changes necessary to relocate the post, giving us a wonderful open space.  He also added a large window with a beautiful terraced window well.  The windows added so much natural light to the basement.  It was like a different room!  Steve does outstanding finish work with great attention to detail.  The woodwork around our windows is beautiful.  We are very pleased and satisfied with the job that Steve did for us."
- Jason & Megan D.
"Steve built two rooms in our unfinished basement, taking up about half the
basement area (about 600 square feet).  We have one large room that we use for
exercise, for television watching and for larger dinner parties.  The smaller
room is a sewing room for Carolyn.
The rooms have worked out very well for us.  We spend a lot of our time in both of them.  More than one person has remarked to us about the quality of the dry-wall taping, especially on the long wall of the large room."
- Dick & Carolyn

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